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A funny Hillary. Can this be? May 29, 2007

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Dispite myself I found this quite amusing.


It ain’t over ‘till it’s over. May 27, 2007

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           There’s been a lot of talk that the Republican’s don’t have a chance this presidential election. In-between switching control in both the house and the senate and an unpopular war, things aren’t looking so good for Republicans. However there maybe hope. People are beginning to wonder, “What in the world is the democratic agenda anyway?” They don’t really seam to have one. Democrat’s have barely any real agenda; all they can talk about is how bad Republicans are, but America is noticing this. According to the pew research centre, only 37% of Americans approve of the job Democrats have done since entering office. When the Republicans took control in 1995, 59% of American’s said that they kept their promises; today, only 40% of Americans think the Democrats have kept their promises. What are the democrat’s promises? Pull out of a war, but who know how. Raise taxes. Gravel at the U.N.’s feet. Force people to buy cars that get from 0-60 in two days [maybe, that’s if the wind is with them]. Now that the dems are in control people are going “ok, now what.” Republicans haven’t lost yet. It’s time to make a stand.  


Rudy is a scary man May 25, 2007

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Today I came across a news article in the Washington Post talking about Rudy Giuliani’s [a 2008 republican presidential candidate] liberal stance on a “woman’s right to choose.” The author of this article seams to be very liberal and yet he makes an amazingly good point. Here is an exert from that article [read the whole article here]. The article is talking about Rudy at this point. 




His argument comes down to this: “I hate abortion,” which is “morally wrong.” But “people ultimately have to make that choice. If a woman chooses that, that’s her choice, not mine. That’s her morality, not mine.” 



But the question naturally arises: Why does Giuliani “hate” abortion? No one feels moral outrage about an appendectomy. Clearly he is implying his support for the Catholic belief that an innocent life is being taken. And here the problems begin. 


How can the violation of a fundamental human right be viewed as a private matter? Not everything that is viewed as immoral should be illegal; there are no compelling public reasons to restrict adultery, for example, or to outlaw sodomy. But when morality demands respect for the rights of a human being, those protections become a matter of social justice, not just personal or religious preference 


All I can say is RIGHT ON. I don’t believe this author is pro-life, but at least he sees the idiocy of believing that it’s ok to kill a human. If you think about it, believing that killing a human is a personal choice is way scarier than believing that an abortion kills a bunch of cells.


2008 election March 18, 2007

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This 2008 election will be the first election in which I can vote. I’m very exited. I just wanted to post some facts about some of the Republican candidates and my opinion about them.  


The candidates  



Filed with the FEC 

John McCain 


Gay rightsFavors 

Marital statusLives with second wife 

Religious statusCatholic. He’s also called [semi] conservative Christians narrow minded  

Other remarksMcCain is a left-wing environmentalist. 





Rudy Giuliani 


Gay rightsFavors 

Marital statusIs with his third wife. Has had numerous affairs.  

Religious statusCatholic.  

Other remarksOut of all the republican candidates Mr. Giuliani is my least favorite. I have no idea why this guy calls himself a Republican.  




Mitt Romney 


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status1st wife. No affairs that I’ve been able to find out about 

Religious statusMormon 

Other remarksHe’s Mormon, but at least he has values [unlike others] 





Sam Brownback 


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status1st wife 

Religious statusConservative evangelical  

Other remarksSam who? As much as I like this guy [and I really do], he really has no chance of winning. He’s a nobody.  





All other republicans [some good some bad] that have filed with the FEC are two obscure to get elected and thus are not going to be mentioned here. 




Not filed with the FEC 




Newt Gingrich [my dad’s favorite choice]  


AbortionAgainst [I believe]* 

Gay rightsAgainst [I believe]* 

Marital statusLives with his third wife. Has had at least one affair. His third wife is 20 years younger than him. He has [supposedly] repented to God of his divorce record.   

Religious statusChristian 

Other remarksGingrich verbally expresses his Christian beliefs, he also votes conservatively, but when it comes to his personal life, Gingrich is far from squeaky clean.  




Dalton Thompson


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status2nd wife 

Religious statusProtestant [I don’t know much about that though] 

Other remarksOne too keep an eye on. He’s an actor so he might have enough support to pull off a win. 


* = I’m not totally positive 




What about other parties? 



DemocratSo what if an ultra liberal Republican was chosen to run? Would I consider voting for a moderate Democrat instead? No. The president of the United Sates appoints lots of people like his cabinet, new Supreme Court judges, and others. If a Republican is elected he will likely appoint fellow Republicans who are more than likely more conservative than the average Democrat.  



Third partiesThird party candidates sound good, but don’t waste your vote. 3rd parties haven’t come close to winning in forever and it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. Don’t waster your vote! Pick what you consider to be the lesser of the two evils.  



Conclusion/My choice 


  So who do I want the Republican’s to nominate? Mitt Romney. At least that’s my opinion right now. But what about the fact that he’s a Mormon? Yes he may be Mormon, but at least he has values, which can’t be said about the other two Republican front-runners. However, there’s lots of time before the nominations. Look for Fred
Dalton Thompson. He might be an interesting choice, but I haven’t been able to find a whole lot about him. If Mr. Brownback could get the support he’s for sure be my number one choice, but I fear he’s too conservative/unknown to get elected. Newt Gingrich has supposedly “repented of his ways,” but I’m not totally convinced. His record seams embracing for a Christian.  

    So there you have it. That’s some of the facts and some of my opinion on the Republican candidates so far. It doesn’t look all that pretty, especially with Giuliani and McCain in the lead. Just remember to pray about this. Yah it seams way early, but still pray. This is going to be a very important election.


A question 4 U {actually a couple} March 1, 2007

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     For science, my mom has been having me read a book from our church library entitled Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Peterson. In this book, the author clames that civilization is on a downwards decline, not just spiritually, but also technologically. The book clames that to believe that civilizations are advancing in technology is to buy into the evolutionary theory that everything is evolving into something better. The author uses examples like the gigantic ancient pyramids, the huge statues found on Easter Island, and the self air conditioned Myan temples to claim that ancient civilizations were more advanced thousands of years ago than we are today. But is he right? I know that there is some sort of law of physics that says that anything left to itself will deteriorate, but what about something not left to itself? Are the awe-inspiring seven wonders of the world more wondrous than our modern space-age technology? To be honest, I don’t think so. But I would like to hear your opinion on this subject. What really makes a civilization more advanced? Is poverty more rampant now than it was in ancient times? Is our environment on a decline?   


    One thing that this book did mention that I thought was very interesting was that ancient Myan temples, even to this day, are self air conditioned. Passages are ingeniously designed to allow air traffic through the building, so that even in the hottest days of summer the building stays cool. Now compare that to the truckloads of money we spend on air-conditioning every year. Man, if we could use natural air conditioning, that would alleviate a lot of Al Gore’s problems wouldn’t it?


A lesson in good humor November 1, 2006

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John Kerry Wariors

…is good humor.



… is not.


…is good humor.

John Kerry's Butt

…is not

John Kerry, since your went to Vietnam I know you MUST be stupid. Because anyone who goes off to war, as you of course know, is stupid. Well you being stupid and all, I’m not sure you’re going to uderstand the difference between good humor and bad. Well if you just keep studying, and keep to those books I’m sure you’ll get better. Not.


The biggest flipper flopper ever August 13, 2006

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Flip flop. That’s the best way to describe the U.N. [United Nations.] In 1947 they gave land to both the Jews and the Arabs. The land they gave to the Jews is now known as the state ofIsrael. And from the getcko the Arabs would have nothing to do with this division. Israel was attacked immediately after their forming as a nation, and has been attacked since. Time and time again Israel has “forgiven” the Arabs, while they might send retaliatory attacks back, they have never destroyed the Arabs. And yet despite all this, the U.N. constantly reprimands Israel whenever they retaliate. They do nothing to try and stop the Arabs from their CONSISTANT attacks against Israel. You might ask why? Well who knows. All I know is it’s a comfort to know that this ridiculous organization called the U.N. has absolutely no power. They have no army, no weapons, and are thus no threat to civilized humanity.

  However as a bible believing Christian I do believe that in the future we will face a threat from a great worlwide power. That power could possibally be the U.N. as suggested in the best selling series “Left Behind” by Tim Lehaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The biggest comfort we can have in our lives is to understand that God is in control. Nothing can happen without his sovereign hand allowing it.