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My Images July 10, 2006

One of my many hobbies is Photography. I own a Konica Minolta DiMage Z6. It has 6 megapixles, a 12x zoom, and has fully manual or auto setting. I enjoy taking photos of wildlife, plants, macro [close up stuff,] and random objects. I’m really not very good but I enjoy it and, at least I hope, I’m getting better.

Please visit my flickr account.

I also created an account for photos from our family’s trip to Guatemala.



6 Responses to “My Images”

  1. leana Says:

    I just went to see some of your pictures… I liked the picture of your kitty:) It was looking right at me… I think it’s pretty amazing. Good job!

  2. leana Says:

    You are welcome.

  3. Jeff B Says:

    Hey Trevor,
    Cool blog! I had been looking for it before, but didn’t know the name. When I did English class with Mrs. J, I had to write on music and rodents. You did a great job!
    by the way, the email is my sisters. it is only for junk. ttyl

  4. isaacme Says:

    Hi Jeff [do you prefer that or your full name?}thanks for dropping by and for your comment. I tried to visit your blog, but because you have it set to private I couldn’t. I should make some smart alleck comment about how your sisters email address would of course be for junk mail, but I won’t. Again, thanks for dropping by.

    p.s. we’re now working on the monkey assignment. When I have it done I’ll publish it on here.

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