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Club quotes July 17, 2006

Well this summer I’ve been working with kids through 5-day clubs and CEF [child evangelism fellowship.] How 5 day clubs work is a bunch of teens go to a week long training camp [it’s a ton of fun] were they learn how to teach the club material, as well as have there first club. Then the teens will go home to there own area and teach different clubs throughout the summer. A 5 day club is a “club” that lasts 5 days [wow that was profound.] These clubs consist of 3 parts [each part is done by a separate person] a bible story, missionary story, and lots of songs and games. So for 4 weeks this summer two other people and myself will be going into a hostesses’ house [she is responsible for inviting the kids to club, and also for providing a snack for the kids] and for about an hour a day teaching boys and girls about Christ and his power to save them from their sins. On this page I’m going to write some of my favorite quotes or conversations I had with the kids. Hope you enjoy it.

Click on a week to read some of my favorite quotes from the kids, funny moments, and prayer requests.

July 10-14 

Jully 24-28

August 7-11


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