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A question 4 U {actually a couple} March 1, 2007

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     For science, my mom has been having me read a book from our church library entitled Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation by Dennis R. Peterson. In this book, the author clames that civilization is on a downwards decline, not just spiritually, but also technologically. The book clames that to believe that civilizations are advancing in technology is to buy into the evolutionary theory that everything is evolving into something better. The author uses examples like the gigantic ancient pyramids, the huge statues found on Easter Island, and the self air conditioned Myan temples to claim that ancient civilizations were more advanced thousands of years ago than we are today. But is he right? I know that there is some sort of law of physics that says that anything left to itself will deteriorate, but what about something not left to itself? Are the awe-inspiring seven wonders of the world more wondrous than our modern space-age technology? To be honest, I don’t think so. But I would like to hear your opinion on this subject. What really makes a civilization more advanced? Is poverty more rampant now than it was in ancient times? Is our environment on a decline?   


    One thing that this book did mention that I thought was very interesting was that ancient Myan temples, even to this day, are self air conditioned. Passages are ingeniously designed to allow air traffic through the building, so that even in the hottest days of summer the building stays cool. Now compare that to the truckloads of money we spend on air-conditioning every year. Man, if we could use natural air conditioning, that would alleviate a lot of Al Gore’s problems wouldn’t it?


9 Responses to “A question 4 U {actually a couple}”

  1. Paul D. Says:

    If it’s opinion you want…
    I think that there is a balance between what was done before and what we have done today. It is a known thing that we cannot reproduce some of the architectural feats of the Mayans, Incas, or Egyptians. But there is also no evidence to support space programs of any kind in their times in history. We know that they had a solid grasp of astronomy, which we are finally beginning to get a hold on.
    I think that as far as the difference in advancement of environment, we are beginning to get some of the stuff they did before. But, we may never get as far as reproducing some of the marvels built before. Remember also, that mankind is under the curse. We were perfect before the fall. Then, we had the flood. After the flood we have the Tower of Babel, which was probably more magnificent than the other seven wonders of the world combined – I mean, come ON! That thing had to have been HUGE! Because of the curse, mankind has actually deteriorated. Archaeological evidence supports the fact that men after the flood became smaller and smaller. Down from almost 12 feet tall. *Theorists conjecture that there was a “greenhouse effect” caused by a vapor over the earth that went away after the flood that caused people to get smaller. Regardless of theory or conjecture, we know man has “shrunk”* The Egyptians we know were fairly early on in the advanced scheme of things, both in math, architecture, and astronomy. They also were a lot closer time-wise to the the post-flood era. I think that the degeneration of mankind physically has something to do with the difference in what we have done.

    We do know that man has actually GROWN in the last few decades – especially after medical research has shown that proper nutrition results in a better physiology. So, we may be capable of things like what they were architecturally, but we have the edge on them in that we have harnessed electricity and the cell (i.e. Nuclear power).

    Sorry, you asked for opinion, and you got it!

    Paul D.

  2. Janel Says:

    Wow, that is quite the long opinion.

    My opinin (in short) is that we may not be able to prove that we are advancing but we can’t use that to prove that evelution didn’t happen. There are much better things to use as proof against that. Also humanity’s intelect seems to go in cycles. Men have made laws forbidding people to advance themeselves(such as the middle ages) this keeps humanity from advancing as much as it has potential to. I guess I disagree witht the author of that book on that particuar topic.

  3. isaacme Says:

    Thanks Paul, I appreciate your opinion, even if it was long. In case I didn’t make this clear in my post, I don’t agree with the author, I just thought some of his points were thought provoking.

  4. I often stand i awe to contemplate what things Adam and Noah must have known; How much knowledge existed at Babel; and how, when the various tongue dispersed from Babel they took similar advanced technology across the globe.

    Just check out this recent finding.


    God bless.

  5. Paul D. Says:

    I hate disagreeing with authors, but it is becoming more and more regular for me to do so. Kind of shows you how powerful the written word can really be, eh?

  6. isaacme Says:

    @ Paul
    I don’t have a problem disagreeing with anyone, so no problem for me to disagree with a book.

    @ Totaltransofmation
    NICE LINK!!! I love ancient civilizations. I’m fascinated especially by the ancient Myans, but that’s cool to learn about another civilization.

  7. Paul D. Says:

    I don’t have problems disagreeing with people as people, but when it comes to reading *which I do a lot of* I get frustrated with the author, because I don’t like to have to *work* to sort out truth from lies.
    Most who know me would say I have no problems or qualms about disagreeing with someone or something. 😉

  8. Jeff B Says:

    It is true that some of the ancient civilizations were as modernized as we are today, and in a way I can see some people saying that Ancient Egypt for example was more modern than the US. Because, for the lack of computers, their medical knowledge was incredible for not having thousands of years worth of scientific studies to give them headstarts.
    –just my thoughts

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