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Playing now February 10, 2007

Playing Now is the portion of this site that allows teens to share with other teens videos that will remind us all that our lives are “now playing.” What we do makes a difference. We never know how much time God has allotted us on this earth, so we should never put aside Gods calling and direction in our lives.  


Eight reasons why I don’t share my faith

Kerri Pomarolli – God has a plan for you

Kerri Pomarolli – Her testimony

Kerri Pomarolli – Interviews

Chonda Pierce – Mercy saw me

Bob Smiley’s – Snow Ski

Rod Z – Funny stuff in church

Chonda Pierce – She walked the walk

Steve Brogan – Ventriloquist

Evangelism linebacker

 Evangelism linebacker – Christmas version

Nazareth – on 700 club

What should a Christian look like

 Ductape comedy

Evangelism/mission trips

Eight Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Faith

China mission trip

Helene mission trip

Evangelism linebacker

Evangelism linebacker – Christmas version

Way of the Master – seal beach kid

Way of the Master – Downtown

Way of the Master – Gang members

Way of the Master – Red shirt

Way of the Master – Pink hair

Stephen Baldwin

Movie Trailers

The last sin eater

 Facing the giants

One night with the king

Left behind 3 – World at War

The Passion of the Christ


Stop and think


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