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A modern day Roman Coliseum May 4, 2007

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      The gore exposed at the ancient Roman Coliseums was disgusting. However what was worse was people actually enjoyed it. In ancient Roman days, gladiators were worshiped celebrities. During a game at the coliseum, one gladiator would wound an opponent and then ask the crowd or the emperor whether he should kill the competitor or spare his life. What does all of this have to do with anything today? A little TV show called American Idol. While there is no blood on American Idol, the similarities are still there. People love watching contestant’s hopes and dreams get dashed to pieces just as lives were torn apart in the ancient coliseum. One must only look at the title of the show to realize that these contestants are “worshiped” by millions of people. Additionally, the outcome of the show is based on the votes of the viewers, just as onlookers decided the fate of gladiators. It’s amazing to think that our civilization could still love to see lives torn apart, and worship those that make it just like in the days of ancient Rome. How far has our civilization really come from the barbaric practices of the Coliseum days?       


        Note-I have never watched a full episode of American Idol. Ever. I do not claim to be an expert on either American Idol or ancient Rome. However I have done some research and from what I see these comparisons do have grounds, but I may be stretching the comparison [at least a little].


Evil is real April 27, 2007

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     The media’s coverage of the Virginia Tech. shooting has made me realize how our society really tries to ignore evil. I would like to begin by saying my prayers go out to all the families of the Virginia Tech. shooting victims. My prayers also go out to the family of Seung-Hui Cho. I know they must be going through a tough time. I do not judge them nor do I judge South Korea. With that said, I want to say that what happened of on April 16, 2007 was simply evil, but the media has tried to call it something – anything else. News articles have claimed that Cho was insane when he shot sixty one people. However how could someone who was insane be able to buy weapons and ammunition, hide them, and be able to film himself and then mail the video? He couldn’t. Whenever someone commits something atrocious like the Virginia Tech. Shoots, our society’s first response is to suggest that the culprit might have been insane. That’s wrong. 

     Another thing the media has tried to do is label Cho as is a poor-guy who was just depressed because he didn’t have any friends. As if that’s an excuse for killing thirty two people. I understand that Cho had speech problems and might have had a hard time finding friends because of that. However I watched parts of the videos he sent to NBC and he was certainly understandable. Being an immigrant, Cho probably had a much tougher time than any of us, but NOTHING to excuse the evil he committed.       

       As America’s sense of moral decency declines, Americans continually develop knew words for explaining away sin. What is the church’s response? They go right along with it. I have a friend who will never say the word “hell” [I’m not talking about the swear word]. He’s “afraid of offending someone.” This person is a professing Christian and I’m sure he probably has had this teaching reinforced at his church. It’s sad to see such liberal views in such a close friend.   

      Christians today need to stand up and call sin-sin. When dealing with someone one on one we need to be very sensitive, but very firm with the truth. There are many Christians who I know would correct not out of love, but those who wouldn’t correct at all are far more common. So then, call sin what it is. Never name called a mistake, a bad thing, or some other excuse. Call it what it is. God hates sin and so should we. 

     Ps. Again my prayers go out to the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.