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The proud prince March 31, 2007

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One day, a proud and arrogant prince named Charlie was traipsing through the forest. As the prince traipsed along, he held his nose up in the air as if to say, “I don’t care about you because I’m better than you.” Presently the prince passed a worn out looking woman walking along the road. The prince, who of course cared nothing for this woman, was about to walk on by when the woman cried out, “deer prince I am in need of money. You see I borrowed a necklace of great price from a friend, but now I have lost it and I don’t have the money to pay her back. I could, of course, ask her to forgive me, but I would rather die before I did that. Do you know of anywhere that I might look for work?” “I don’t know where you can work, I don’t care about your troubles,” replied the prince. “Don’t you know that I, a prince, have better things to do than worry about your troubles?” Then the prince hastily passed by.   

  Pretty soon the prince encountered a fox standing along the road. Again the prince was about to pass by without a word, but the fox cried out, “dear prince I am hungry. You see I haven’t had anything to eat today. I had caught a rooster and was bringing it back to my den, but then I turned around and mockingly called out to my distancing followers, but as I did so the chicken fell out of my mouth and escaped. Now do you know where I might find another yard to steal chickens from?” I don’t know any yard with chickens in it, and I don’t care about your troubles,” replied the prince. “Don’t you know that I, a prince, have better things to do than worry about your troubles?” Then prince started off once again down the road.    

  A few minutes of walking brought the prince to a fork in the road. There, in the middle of the fork, stood an old farmer with a stunningly beautiful horse. The prince was curious as to how such a poor farmer could come by such a valuable steed, and since he was tired the prince stopped and asked the farmer where he had gotten his prized mount. The farmer replied, “I received this beautiful mount from the king himself. I gave the king the most beautiful apple from my orchard, and, though I asked for nothing in return, the king gave me this horse.” The prince sat and thought about how this man was different than the last two travelers he had met. While the other travelers had been prideful and were suffering because of it, this farmer had humbly and selflessly given the king his very best and had received a beautiful gift in return. “From now on I shall strive to be humble like this poor farmer instead of proud and arrogant like I have been,” thought the prince as he started off once again home; however, this time the prince was not so proud, and he kept his nose down while using his eyes to look for anyone that he, because of his lofty position, might help. James 1:9-10 says the brother in humble circumstances ought to take pride in his high position. But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position, because he will pass away like a wild flower.  

The character of the farmer was taken from the story “the gift and the giver” by Russell G. Davis and Brent K. Ashabranner. 

The character of the worn out woman was taken from the story “the Necklace” by Guy de Manupassant.  

The character of the fox was taken from the story “Chanticleer and Pertelote” by Geoffrey Chaucer.  

The character of the proud prince was taken from the story “Oliver Cromwell” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. [though in that story the prince, latter king, never changed]


A lamb update March 25, 2007

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1st sheepAs I posted here, she had 2 lambs. They are both doing exultant. They’re very playful.  

2nd sheepShe had triplets. One of which she rejected. So now we’re having to bottle feed it which is a pain for mom and dad but my little brother LOVES doing it. Here’s a video of him feeding the reject that we’ve now named Chance.  

3rd sheepShe also had triplets. Unfortunately one of them isn’t doing so well. We think she [the baby] is getting better, but we had to force feed her [put a tube down her through] at first. 

Right now we have three momma’s and 8 babies [that makes 11 you know.]   I’ve got ideas for another actual post so don’t give up on me, I’ll get something worthwhile out shortly.


Videos March 24, 2007

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Wish – I love this song and great video

Another lamb video


A little mud problem March 23, 2007

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    Johnny was walking through the woods one day when he passed a young girl sinking in a muddy swamp. Johnny was about to rush up and help the girl when all of a sudden he thought to himself, “what if this person doesn’t want to be helped? I’ve also heard that girls are awfully fussy about their clothing. If she knew I saw her all filthy like that she would surely be very embraced. Besides, if I stop and help her I won’t have as much time to play with my friends. So Johnny walked off and left the poor girl stuck in the mud. 

   She doesn’t want to be saved? Come on. Only people in the movie “The Incredibles” don’t want to be saved. Who’s going to worry about a little mud on their dress when they’re being pulled out from sinking in mud? No one. Unfortunately we as Christians use similar excuses such as “maybe they don’t want to be saved,” and, “if I talk about sin they’ll get offended” to justify our fear of man. Saying these things is just as stupid and heartless as this story. People are dying in their sin. They need to hear the good news about how Jesus can save them from their sins, even if they have to be told that their covered in mud.  

* I’ve been known to not make my meaning clear. So in case you didn’t understand, in this post mud represents sin.


POTC World’s end March 19, 2007

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Click here to see the trailer from Pirates of the Caribean: Worlds end

Click here to see a clip from Pirates of the Caribean: Worlds end

 I can’t wait until May 5


2008 election March 18, 2007

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This 2008 election will be the first election in which I can vote. I’m very exited. I just wanted to post some facts about some of the Republican candidates and my opinion about them.  


The candidates  



Filed with the FEC 

John McCain 


Gay rightsFavors 

Marital statusLives with second wife 

Religious statusCatholic. He’s also called [semi] conservative Christians narrow minded  

Other remarksMcCain is a left-wing environmentalist. 





Rudy Giuliani 


Gay rightsFavors 

Marital statusIs with his third wife. Has had numerous affairs.  

Religious statusCatholic.  

Other remarksOut of all the republican candidates Mr. Giuliani is my least favorite. I have no idea why this guy calls himself a Republican.  




Mitt Romney 


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status1st wife. No affairs that I’ve been able to find out about 

Religious statusMormon 

Other remarksHe’s Mormon, but at least he has values [unlike others] 





Sam Brownback 


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status1st wife 

Religious statusConservative evangelical  

Other remarksSam who? As much as I like this guy [and I really do], he really has no chance of winning. He’s a nobody.  





All other republicans [some good some bad] that have filed with the FEC are two obscure to get elected and thus are not going to be mentioned here. 




Not filed with the FEC 




Newt Gingrich [my dad’s favorite choice]  


AbortionAgainst [I believe]* 

Gay rightsAgainst [I believe]* 

Marital statusLives with his third wife. Has had at least one affair. His third wife is 20 years younger than him. He has [supposedly] repented to God of his divorce record.   

Religious statusChristian 

Other remarksGingrich verbally expresses his Christian beliefs, he also votes conservatively, but when it comes to his personal life, Gingrich is far from squeaky clean.  




Dalton Thompson


Gay rightsAgainst 

Marital status2nd wife 

Religious statusProtestant [I don’t know much about that though] 

Other remarksOne too keep an eye on. He’s an actor so he might have enough support to pull off a win. 


* = I’m not totally positive 




What about other parties? 



DemocratSo what if an ultra liberal Republican was chosen to run? Would I consider voting for a moderate Democrat instead? No. The president of the United Sates appoints lots of people like his cabinet, new Supreme Court judges, and others. If a Republican is elected he will likely appoint fellow Republicans who are more than likely more conservative than the average Democrat.  



Third partiesThird party candidates sound good, but don’t waste your vote. 3rd parties haven’t come close to winning in forever and it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. Don’t waster your vote! Pick what you consider to be the lesser of the two evils.  



Conclusion/My choice 


  So who do I want the Republican’s to nominate? Mitt Romney. At least that’s my opinion right now. But what about the fact that he’s a Mormon? Yes he may be Mormon, but at least he has values, which can’t be said about the other two Republican front-runners. However, there’s lots of time before the nominations. Look for Fred
Dalton Thompson. He might be an interesting choice, but I haven’t been able to find a whole lot about him. If Mr. Brownback could get the support he’s for sure be my number one choice, but I fear he’s too conservative/unknown to get elected. Newt Gingrich has supposedly “repented of his ways,” but I’m not totally convinced. His record seams embracing for a Christian.  

    So there you have it. That’s some of the facts and some of my opinion on the Republican candidates so far. It doesn’t look all that pretty, especially with Giuliani and McCain in the lead. Just remember to pray about this. Yah it seams way early, but still pray. This is going to be a very important election.


Lamb video March 13, 2007

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New video of baby lambs! Sorry that the video isn’t higher quality. If you wait until the end they do a really cute bucking motion.