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Hypocrisy July 6, 2007

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          Many time throughout the bible Jesus condemned the Pharisees as hypocrites. Unfortunately not much has changed since those days. From talking with unbelievers I have found that those who are vehemently against Christianity consider Christians to be hypocrites and to a big extent we are. Here are two hypocrisies that non believers point out.    

Hypocrisy #1
Teaching love but having none. Many Christians do not love unbelievers especially those who are living in sin. Now, I don’t mean they should accept unbelievers as they are, but they should love them and try to bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Hypocrisy #2 not witnessing.
Believe it or not I know unbelievers who are upset that more Christians don’t share their faith or that when they confront Christians with a question, the believer is unable to answer. C’mon people. If we have been saved we need to tell the whole world. If the unbeliever doesn’t see that we are exited about our faith, why should he be interested in it?

          There are many moor hypocrisies I could mention, but these are the ones non-believers notice and I have also already posted about some other ones.    

          Now if you’ve read my blog long you know that I do a lot of ranting about what I think is wrong with the world or with people groups and I realize that is probably what this sounds like. However that is not what I want people to think about this post. I want the believer [including myself] to look at himself and see if his life is showing hypocrisy that might deter someone from coming to the Lord.


Plus One – I Don’t Care Lyrics June 6, 2007

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Could it be yesterday
I coulda swore the same thing happened just the other day
Put on the spot
Now what am I gonna say
If I tell them who You are will they think that I’m insane?
Do I really care?

Well yes and no, maybe so
Cause if they don’t think You’re real how will they ever know
So I won’t stop
Cause even if they laugh at me
It doesn’t change a thing about what I believe
(What I believe yeah)

I don’t care what it takes
I don’t care who it shakes
I don’t care what they say
I’m gonna do it Your way
Even if I’m afraid
Don’t wanna make You look fake
I don’t care about anything
It’s not about me

You make me feel secure
You’ve given my your word and now I know I’m sure
I was so messed up
Like a wheel you turned around my fate
When I thought you were just something up in outer space
But that’s not the case

You’re more real to me
Than what they make you out to be on the TV
Can ya turn me up
‘Cause you know we’re getting serious
When we talk about the invisible it’s clear to us (so clear to us)

I don’t care about the things that used to keep me far away from you
Left me so confused
I don’t care about the things that used to fill me up with so much doubt
I’ll turn it inside out

So if they start to wonder
and they start to stare
You know it don’t matter cause
I don’t care


Someone needs a grammar lesson May 31, 2007

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Ever notice how so many road signs have bad grammar? I mean come on


Drive slowly

  Hello! It’s slowly

     Speed limit 

“Well Officer I thought that by speed limit you meant I had to go at LEAST 75. Your not really going to give me a ticket for going 90 are you?”







Pets on leash

So if the pets are on a leash why are you warning me about them. I would hope the owner would be able to control a leashed animal.



Now that was random.


It ain’t over ‘till it’s over. May 27, 2007

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           There’s been a lot of talk that the Republican’s don’t have a chance this presidential election. In-between switching control in both the house and the senate and an unpopular war, things aren’t looking so good for Republicans. However there maybe hope. People are beginning to wonder, “What in the world is the democratic agenda anyway?” They don’t really seam to have one. Democrat’s have barely any real agenda; all they can talk about is how bad Republicans are, but America is noticing this. According to the pew research centre, only 37% of Americans approve of the job Democrats have done since entering office. When the Republicans took control in 1995, 59% of American’s said that they kept their promises; today, only 40% of Americans think the Democrats have kept their promises. What are the democrat’s promises? Pull out of a war, but who know how. Raise taxes. Gravel at the U.N.’s feet. Force people to buy cars that get from 0-60 in two days [maybe, that’s if the wind is with them]. Now that the dems are in control people are going “ok, now what.” Republicans haven’t lost yet. It’s time to make a stand.  


Rudy is a scary man May 25, 2007

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Today I came across a news article in the Washington Post talking about Rudy Giuliani’s [a 2008 republican presidential candidate] liberal stance on a “woman’s right to choose.” The author of this article seams to be very liberal and yet he makes an amazingly good point. Here is an exert from that article [read the whole article here]. The article is talking about Rudy at this point. 




His argument comes down to this: “I hate abortion,” which is “morally wrong.” But “people ultimately have to make that choice. If a woman chooses that, that’s her choice, not mine. That’s her morality, not mine.” 



But the question naturally arises: Why does Giuliani “hate” abortion? No one feels moral outrage about an appendectomy. Clearly he is implying his support for the Catholic belief that an innocent life is being taken. And here the problems begin. 


How can the violation of a fundamental human right be viewed as a private matter? Not everything that is viewed as immoral should be illegal; there are no compelling public reasons to restrict adultery, for example, or to outlaw sodomy. But when morality demands respect for the rights of a human being, those protections become a matter of social justice, not just personal or religious preference 


All I can say is RIGHT ON. I don’t believe this author is pro-life, but at least he sees the idiocy of believing that it’s ok to kill a human. If you think about it, believing that killing a human is a personal choice is way scarier than believing that an abortion kills a bunch of cells.


Evil is real April 27, 2007

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     The media’s coverage of the Virginia Tech. shooting has made me realize how our society really tries to ignore evil. I would like to begin by saying my prayers go out to all the families of the Virginia Tech. shooting victims. My prayers also go out to the family of Seung-Hui Cho. I know they must be going through a tough time. I do not judge them nor do I judge South Korea. With that said, I want to say that what happened of on April 16, 2007 was simply evil, but the media has tried to call it something – anything else. News articles have claimed that Cho was insane when he shot sixty one people. However how could someone who was insane be able to buy weapons and ammunition, hide them, and be able to film himself and then mail the video? He couldn’t. Whenever someone commits something atrocious like the Virginia Tech. Shoots, our society’s first response is to suggest that the culprit might have been insane. That’s wrong. 

     Another thing the media has tried to do is label Cho as is a poor-guy who was just depressed because he didn’t have any friends. As if that’s an excuse for killing thirty two people. I understand that Cho had speech problems and might have had a hard time finding friends because of that. However I watched parts of the videos he sent to NBC and he was certainly understandable. Being an immigrant, Cho probably had a much tougher time than any of us, but NOTHING to excuse the evil he committed.       

       As America’s sense of moral decency declines, Americans continually develop knew words for explaining away sin. What is the church’s response? They go right along with it. I have a friend who will never say the word “hell” [I’m not talking about the swear word]. He’s “afraid of offending someone.” This person is a professing Christian and I’m sure he probably has had this teaching reinforced at his church. It’s sad to see such liberal views in such a close friend.   

      Christians today need to stand up and call sin-sin. When dealing with someone one on one we need to be very sensitive, but very firm with the truth. There are many Christians who I know would correct not out of love, but those who wouldn’t correct at all are far more common. So then, call sin what it is. Never name called a mistake, a bad thing, or some other excuse. Call it what it is. God hates sin and so should we. 

     Ps. Again my prayers go out to the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.


Leave Change April 21, 2007

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Funny Church thing

I made this image and even though it sticks I thought I would share it with you because I think it correctly describes the common change in churches in American. Churches in
America have given up trying to change people. Instead they focus on receiving “change” from people so they can have the post people of any church on the block, the coolest buildings, a TV show, a high pastoral pay-check ect. I thought the play on words was kind of cute.