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Preach on October 24, 2006

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The bible says it so it must be true. I’ve known it all along, but just a few days ago while reading through Job I came across this in lightning passage in Job.

Job 15:14 what is man… …born of woman, that he could be righteous?  

Wow I think I need to start a denomination on that. You see scripture makes it inescapably clear that man, who being born of woman, is born of sin nature. There is just no way around the fact that no man can be born other than through woman, thus no man can be born without a sin nature. Man I can’t believe I have missed my lives calling up until now. I must be called to the ministry. I mean I have a natural way of shedding such light on scripture. Man I impress even myself.


Learning to love David October 18, 2006

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I remember the days [now how dorky does that sound coming from a 16 year old] when I used to think of King David as a pervert. I still do. However now know think of him a little bit differently. Your see God has kind of taught me to see [what I believe God saw when he called David a man after his own heart] David as a man who [like myself] messes up a bit. But the thing that would cause God to look upon David in favor is the fact that David, in spite of his little mishaps, always turned back to God. While David did a few despicable things, his ability to fall prostrate before God is something to be admired. So now God has taught me that maybe I shouldn’t be looking for a “Super Hero” role model [I have that in Christ] maybe the characteristics that David Showed are truly admirable. I mean, come on, to be called a man after Gods own heart is a pretty darn sweet thing. You know none of us can be perfect, and, while we strive to be Christ like, maybe we need a different type of role model, a repentant one. So how do you view David, or any other guy who messed up [John was another pretty good example]? Do you judge them? Or see that they, like you, were sinners. Do you see what other characteristics you can glean from their lives? So how do YOU view David?