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A letter to the editor November 8, 2006

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 We’ll I’m still home schooled, but this year I’m taking an English class at a lady from our church’s’ house. Once a week she teaches a class for me and three other guys from my church. She’s an extremely sweet lady. I appreciate her a lot.  Well so far we’ve been
mostly going over grammar, but she gave us our first writing assignment this past week. It’s a letter to the editor. I chose a topic on local issues here in Washington Sate. But maybe some of you will find it interesting. 

 Fairness is a common subject in our society. We claim that we want to be fair, but are we truly willing to work to bring that about? At their own xpense, Washington State residence are being forced off their own private property just to provide some public environmental benefit for the rest of us. I don’t think that’s fare. If environmental laws are for the all of us to
benefit from, why then are landowners the only ones taking the financial burden for them? I think it’s time that we thought about what’s fair for others, and I believe Initiative 933 is the answer.

    Initiative 933 is a “waive or pay” system. That means we decide to either
pay property owners what an environmental law is costing them, or allow
landowners to have a waiver from that law. I believe this system will be fair
because it will spread the burden of environmental laws out to all of us instead of just a few. Don’t you think it’s time we thought about what’s fair for everyone?

Because I’m a fair person I’ll put links to both sides of the initiative.
Both websites have videos I would recommend watching if you interested in I-933.


A lesson in good humor November 1, 2006

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John Kerry Wariors

…is good humor.



… is not.


…is good humor.

John Kerry's Butt

…is not

John Kerry, since your went to Vietnam I know you MUST be stupid. Because anyone who goes off to war, as you of course know, is stupid. Well you being stupid and all, I’m not sure you’re going to uderstand the difference between good humor and bad. Well if you just keep studying, and keep to those books I’m sure you’ll get better. Not.