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Switching blogs August 8, 2007

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I apologize profusely. I thought I had posted that I had switched blogs. I’m now blogging at http://isaacsranting.blogspot.com/. I’ve been doing that for about a month now. I’m so sorry. I made up a post to tell you guys I was switching then I guess I never posted it.


POTC World’s end March 19, 2007

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Click here to see the trailer from Pirates of the Caribean: Worlds end

Click here to see a clip from Pirates of the Caribean: Worlds end

 I can’t wait until May 5


English assignments February 9, 2007

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The next three posts are two essays and a story I had to do for English class. Their not that great, and I didn’t even put in the changes my teacher suggested, but here they are anyway. I hope you enjoy them.


Who did I please?

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By Trevor Gustafson

  One day a miller, who was kind and elderly, and his son, an obedient lad, were on their way to town to sell their cherished donkey. While the miller and his son merrily traversed through the countryside, the donkey, who was oblivious to all around him, lazily strolled behind them.  As the three travelers went along down the road, they passed many well meaning, but very critical people.     

   Before long the miller, his son and the donkey encountered a group of women drawing water form a well. As the three travelers passed by, one of the women called out, “Why are both of you walking when you have such a fine donkey to ride?” The miller, who was very embarrassed by the scene, quickly hoisted the boy up onto the donkey and, without a word, set off down the road. However the three travelers had not gotten far when they encountered two elderly gentlemen standing along side the road. As the three travelers passed by, one of the men called out, “Boy, have you no respect for your aging father? Get down and let your father ride.” Greatly embarrassed by the mans’ comment, the miller quickly told his son to get down, then climbed onto the donkey and started off down the road with his son trailing behind him. Again the travelers had not gotten far when they encountered a cluster of woman and children. As the three travelers passed by, one of  the women called out, “You are an uncaring and unloving father. Look at how your son must nearly run to keep up with you. You ought to let him ride.” At this, all the women and children turned their heads to stare. The miller, who was extremely embarrassed by the unwanted attention, quickly pulled his son up onto the donkey and again started off down the road. However the travelers had only gotten around the next bend in the road when they encountered a citizen walking in the opposite direction. As the travelers neared, the citizen called out, “Look at the poor donkey that you are riding. He is tired. Perhaps you should carry him.” Even though the miller thought the proposal a bit strange, he did not want to make a scene. Therefore, he quickly tied the donkeys’ front and back legs together then took a poll and placed it between the ropes. After that, the miller picked up one end of the pole, his son took up the other, and together they began to walk down the road carrying the donkey upside down between them.   

   Before long the three travelers could see the city just over the other side of a tall bridge. However, as they crossed the bridge, a crowd of city dwellers began to mockingly snicker and point their fingers at the comical sight. The donkey, which was befuddled by the strange treatment and spooked by the noise, began to kick and soon broke loose from its ropes. As the donkey fell, the boards on the bridge shattered, sending the donkey plunging into the river below. The miller hastily ran to the river bank to try to save the donkey, but it was no use. As the donkey slowly floated out of site, the miller thought to himself, “By trying to please everyone who did I really please?” 


A letter to the editor November 8, 2006

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 We’ll I’m still home schooled, but this year I’m taking an English class at a lady from our church’s’ house. Once a week she teaches a class for me and three other guys from my church. She’s an extremely sweet lady. I appreciate her a lot.  Well so far we’ve been
mostly going over grammar, but she gave us our first writing assignment this past week. It’s a letter to the editor. I chose a topic on local issues here in Washington Sate. But maybe some of you will find it interesting. 

 Fairness is a common subject in our society. We claim that we want to be fair, but are we truly willing to work to bring that about? At their own xpense, Washington State residence are being forced off their own private property just to provide some public environmental benefit for the rest of us. I don’t think that’s fare. If environmental laws are for the all of us to
benefit from, why then are landowners the only ones taking the financial burden for them? I think it’s time that we thought about what’s fair for others, and I believe Initiative 933 is the answer.

    Initiative 933 is a “waive or pay” system. That means we decide to either
pay property owners what an environmental law is costing them, or allow
landowners to have a waiver from that law. I believe this system will be fair
because it will spread the burden of environmental laws out to all of us instead of just a few. Don’t you think it’s time we thought about what’s fair for everyone?

Because I’m a fair person I’ll put links to both sides of the initiative.
Both websites have videos I would recommend watching if you interested in I-933.


A lesson in good humor November 1, 2006

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John Kerry Wariors

…is good humor.



… is not.


…is good humor.

John Kerry's Butt

…is not

John Kerry, since your went to Vietnam I know you MUST be stupid. Because anyone who goes off to war, as you of course know, is stupid. Well you being stupid and all, I’m not sure you’re going to uderstand the difference between good humor and bad. Well if you just keep studying, and keep to those books I’m sure you’ll get better. Not.


Preach on October 24, 2006

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The bible says it so it must be true. I’ve known it all along, but just a few days ago while reading through Job I came across this in lightning passage in Job.

Job 15:14 what is man… …born of woman, that he could be righteous?  

Wow I think I need to start a denomination on that. You see scripture makes it inescapably clear that man, who being born of woman, is born of sin nature. There is just no way around the fact that no man can be born other than through woman, thus no man can be born without a sin nature. Man I can’t believe I have missed my lives calling up until now. I must be called to the ministry. I mean I have a natural way of shedding such light on scripture. Man I impress even myself.


An update August 23, 2006

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Ok, so I wanted to just post a quick update. No I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth, I’m still hear. Well you don’t have to sound so sad about it. Anyway this summer has been extremely busy for me. First I’ve been working in Child Evangelism Fellowship and 5-day clubs [you can read about those here.] Then on the 15th I started drivers ed. No, you don’t have to avoid all of western Washington; my instructor told me I was a very good driver. That has been a lot of fun, and I have really enjoyed my instructor. But in between working my evening schedule around that and trying to get ahead in school I’ve been pretty busy. This getting prepared for College thing is going to kill me; I thought you weren’t support to die until you actually got into college. Oh by the way my parents are making me bike to my school. However it’s not real hard, it takes about 45 minutes and there isn’t a whole lot of uphill.


Oh by the way my family is vacationing in Oregon next month, so be warned, I may be driving. I can’t believe summer is almost over, that so sucks. But this Friday I have a birthday party at the local water park. That will be fun; however, a lot of my friends can’t make it, which is disappointing. Ok, so I’ve settled the fact that I’m not dead, later I hope to write an actual worthwhile post. Keep safe and keep on checking back for new stuff.