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A modern day Roman Coliseum May 4, 2007

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      The gore exposed at the ancient Roman Coliseums was disgusting. However what was worse was people actually enjoyed it. In ancient Roman days, gladiators were worshiped celebrities. During a game at the coliseum, one gladiator would wound an opponent and then ask the crowd or the emperor whether he should kill the competitor or spare his life. What does all of this have to do with anything today? A little TV show called American Idol. While there is no blood on American Idol, the similarities are still there. People love watching contestant’s hopes and dreams get dashed to pieces just as lives were torn apart in the ancient coliseum. One must only look at the title of the show to realize that these contestants are “worshiped” by millions of people. Additionally, the outcome of the show is based on the votes of the viewers, just as onlookers decided the fate of gladiators. It’s amazing to think that our civilization could still love to see lives torn apart, and worship those that make it just like in the days of ancient Rome. How far has our civilization really come from the barbaric practices of the Coliseum days?       


        Note-I have never watched a full episode of American Idol. Ever. I do not claim to be an expert on either American Idol or ancient Rome. However I have done some research and from what I see these comparisons do have grounds, but I may be stretching the comparison [at least a little].