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The biggest flipper flopper ever August 13, 2006

Filed under: Israel,Life,Politics,Ranting — isaacme @ 10:51 pm

Flip flop. That’s the best way to describe the U.N. [United Nations.] In 1947 they gave land to both the Jews and the Arabs. The land they gave to the Jews is now known as the state ofIsrael. And from the getcko the Arabs would have nothing to do with this division. Israel was attacked immediately after their forming as a nation, and has been attacked since. Time and time again Israel has “forgiven” the Arabs, while they might send retaliatory attacks back, they have never destroyed the Arabs. And yet despite all this, the U.N. constantly reprimands Israel whenever they retaliate. They do nothing to try and stop the Arabs from their CONSISTANT attacks against Israel. You might ask why? Well who knows. All I know is it’s a comfort to know that this ridiculous organization called the U.N. has absolutely no power. They have no army, no weapons, and are thus no threat to civilized humanity.

  However as a bible believing Christian I do believe that in the future we will face a threat from a great worlwide power. That power could possibally be the U.N. as suggested in the best selling series “Left Behind” by Tim Lehaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The biggest comfort we can have in our lives is to understand that God is in control. Nothing can happen without his sovereign hand allowing it.


One Response to “The biggest flipper flopper ever”

  1. John Frost Says:

    Hey I saw you mentioned the Left Behind series by Tim LeHaye? I know they are trying to build a community of us fans of the series. If you want to join the group we are at http://www.foundthisbook.com

    Please stop by and say hi. Hope to see you there!

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