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6:47 A.M – April 13 – A.D. 1357 – the day that’s not in history – until now. July 19, 2006

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It was a morning quite like every other. No one would have guessed this day would hold in its hands the lives of millions. The skies over Mecca were gorgeous as the sun started to peek over the horizon. The reds, oranges and purples spread their gleaming rays across the sun kissed skies. The clouds sailed by, unaware of the tragedy about to ensue. Sheep grazed upon the lush grass. Children stretched, yawned, and slowly opened their eyes to this, a brand new day. Parents, grandparent and great-grandparents got out of bed, preparing for the tasks of the coming day. Every thing was peaceful, not a cry was heard anywhere. Just then aliens came down spreading a brain killing disease over the entire Middle East, with the exception of the nation of Israel.

Well that’s one theory of why the Middle East has such problems.