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Ten little known things about me June 13, 2007

Filed under: Life — isaacme @ 5:17 am

1 I’m awful at public speaking, but if you listened to me talk at the teen mission thing at church you already know that 

2 I can’t stand honey, which leads me to number 3 

3 I DESPISE bees; they are totally good for nothing  

4 I enjoy photography 

5 I think that the most gorgeous of God’s creations is a gentle rolling, grassy hill way out in the country. 

6 I’m fascinated with buildings, especially churches and buildings under construction.  

7 I used to think that I could fly. I just had to get the staying in the air part down. 

8 I don’t like firefox. [it’s a web browser] I used it some until IE7 came out but IE 7 is way better. 

9 I like some 80’s&90’s sitcoms [growing pains, home improvement, ect.] 

10 At this moment my room is cleaner than my sister’s. 

I tag Kyle and Paul to write a “ten little known things about me” segment, but you don’t have to and this is, of course, open for anyone


5 Responses to “Ten little known things about me”

  1. Janel Says:

    Hey, my room will be clean soon….I hope. After finals….if I ever get my teacher to come to class to give it to us….:)

  2. Joseph C Says:

    I agree with 2,3, and 8! Think I could have guessed most of these about you. Didn’t know about 7 and 9.

  3. isaacme Says:

    lol, we’ve only been friends for like 16.5 years, so how could you have guessed that about me?

  4. Paul D Says:

    Trevor… I hope you don’t mind me *not* doing the tag thing… I don’t tend to write that kind of thing on the blog – 😀

  5. isaacme Says:

    That’s totaly fine. I meant it more of an anyone can do this than a tag thing.

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