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The Personality Trap June 10, 2007

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          Most of us probably have someone in our lives who we think of as the “model Christian”. Maybe it’s one or several traits that make this person stand out. It’s easy to look at someone like this and say, “Wow, what a great person, but I could never be like that that.” We so often get sucked into thinking that someone’s personality is just the way God made them and if my personality isn’t one to do that trait then that’s not how God made me. It is at this time that we get sucked into the personality trap. The devil tries so often to make us think that our lives fit into a mold called our personality. This is not so. Corinthians 5:17 says if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come. We must not walk in our old earthly ways but as 1 Thessalonians 4:1 says, “Excel still more.” In interpreting this verse, there is no room to say “my personality isn’t one to forgive when someone cuts me off in traffic.” The bible makes it very clear that we are to always excel still more. Satan often tries to lie to us and make us believe that, “I’m not the compassionate type. I’m not one to keep his cool. I’m just don’t easily forgive. This is a lie. That is our sin nature not our personality. We must not get sucked into the personality trap, but excel still more. Looking at examples from the bible and from people around us is a practical way to see how to live our lives in a Godly fashion   

          I used to think that finding a hero was dumb. Heroes always have flaws, but that’s what makes them human. I think it’s important to find someone who you admire and come into contact with a lot and try to study his or her good character habits. There is much can be garnered from watching other people’s lives. Now remember that Christ is the perfect example; we should always study his example. However, sometimes it is helpful to see practical application of scriptural truths being worked out in people’s lives. The next time you see a person helping someone in need, remaining steadfast in the midst of struggles, or showing other scriptural qualities, don’t say, “That’s them, this is me”, take their example to heart and break free from the bonds of the personality trap.


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  1. Janel Says:

    Really great point Trevor

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