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It ain’t over ‘till it’s over. May 27, 2007

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           There’s been a lot of talk that the Republican’s don’t have a chance this presidential election. In-between switching control in both the house and the senate and an unpopular war, things aren’t looking so good for Republicans. However there maybe hope. People are beginning to wonder, “What in the world is the democratic agenda anyway?” They don’t really seam to have one. Democrat’s have barely any real agenda; all they can talk about is how bad Republicans are, but America is noticing this. According to the pew research centre, only 37% of Americans approve of the job Democrats have done since entering office. When the Republicans took control in 1995, 59% of American’s said that they kept their promises; today, only 40% of Americans think the Democrats have kept their promises. What are the democrat’s promises? Pull out of a war, but who know how. Raise taxes. Gravel at the U.N.’s feet. Force people to buy cars that get from 0-60 in two days [maybe, that’s if the wind is with them]. Now that the dems are in control people are going “ok, now what.” Republicans haven’t lost yet. It’s time to make a stand.  


6 Responses to “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.”

  1. Paul D. Says:

    If we don’t stand, who will? Nobody.

  2. boonie Says:

    talk about random. you have alsorts of things on here. i totally agree with you on this topic. the Dems have not being the kind of people to hold to things that they say. what happens if Hillary gets in? arn’t there rules for for serving more that two time?

  3. isaacme Says:

    Yah, it’s scary to think what would happen if someone like Hillary was elected.

  4. Jeff B Says:

    good point trev!!

  5. boonie Says:

    yeh well it could happen. but i will not say what i will do if she does get in. the Gov is probably watching my every step. 😉 you think that the people will be pleased??? i don’t thinnk so, but hey, you never know maybe she will be stupid enough to go to Iraq and proclaim to peace with people that will never believe her. :p

  6. Joseph C Says:

    Afraid the dems still have this election.

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