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Wise Use of Leisure Time May 2, 2007

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     While a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day to God, we as humans are constrained to twenty-four hours of day that God expects us to use wisely. As teenagers, much of our day is taken up with school, chores, and work that our parents require us to do. However, there is still time, as occasional as it may seem, to kickback and do our own thing. At this time of leisure, the teenager has a choice to make: what is he going to do with his time. There are three categories of ways to spend time: edificial, neutral, and sinful. Knowing that sin is wrong, Christian teenagers attempt to stay away from sin, but their alternative is usually playing computer, watching television, or playing with friends. While these things are not bad, they can distract from doing something superior when the opportunity arises. Teenagers should not get so caught up in having fun that they don’t study their bible, help around the house, and participate in ministries. Accomplishing so much in the three short years of ministry on earth, Jesus set an example of spending time on others instead of himself that should be our goal. Every Christian teenager knows not to sin, but sometimes he sins by his inaction to do something right.


5 Responses to “Wise Use of Leisure Time”

  1. isaacme Says:

    Hi, I’m not dead. Honest. Last weekend I went to a fiddle contest. I didn’t do that good placement wise and I’m not super proud of my performance, but it was ok being that it was my first competition ever. I had a blast. It doesn’t matter that I was in the bottom 8 out of 18. Now everyone can cheer because I’m back and I’m not dead. *glares at everyone not cheering*

  2. Hey man, great post but it makes me worry a bit. Just hope you don’t set the bar so high for yourself that you set yourself up for crash and burn failure. It’s OK to cut yourself a bit of slack!

  3. Paul D Says:

    There’s a hard message, eh? Hard to read… but one that needs to be shared… keep it up, Trevor.

  4. isaacme Says:

    Thanks guys

    JFS- Thank you for your concern, but it seems that I never even have free time to have to decide what to do in. However you are right everyone does need time here and there to just kick back and relax.

  5. Janel Says:

    Great post Trevor. We can always be challenging ourselves to do more, serve more, and bless others more…

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