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I love Pirates August 1, 2006

Filed under: humor,Life,Movies,Pirates,Random — isaacme @ 4:45 am

Last week I got to go see a really cool boat-ship. However according to the Port of Bellingham I’m guessing that they paid a bit more than a shilling to “tie up the boat at the dock.”

In case you hadn’t gotten the hint by now, I had the opportunity last week to go see the “Lady Washington,” more famously knows for playing the part of “the Interceptor” in Disney’s hit “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl .” It was awesome to get to see it. However, that said, it didn’t look a thing like it did in the movie. For one they repainted it with bright colors [red and yellow] and also it looks tiny, and no that isn’t compared to other ships in the harbor, the “Lady Washington” was the largest ship around that day. But still, just getting to walk were Johnny depp has walked is good enough for me.  

Oh, and reminding me of Pirates. Last Sunday in church a visitor sat down next to me, so I reach over and shake his hand. Well he shakes my right hand with his left, which was weird. So then I look down and see that in the place of his right hand he had a hook. I’m like RIGHT ON. Well actually I didn’t say that.


4 Responses to “I love Pirates”

  1. Bob K Says:

    Just to let you know the Lady did not play a role in Deads Man chest she was the Interceptor in Black Pearl.

  2. isaacme Says:

    Darn that’s what I ment to say. Thanks for that.

  3. Janel Says:

    Hey Trevor,

    I’m glad you got to go see that ship. You are kidding about the guy in church right? I would have heard about that wouldn’t I?

  4. isaacme Says:

    Nope not kidding. Sorry I didn’t tell you I guess. Nope it’s true, was kind of weird.

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